Always Encrypted Nextcloud

A secure and reliable way to store, manage and share data with customers and partners with the gold standard of data sovereignty.

The Challenges without Always Encrypted Nextcloud

Balancing the need for enhanced security in collaboration while ensuring seamless teamwork poses a multifaceted challenge. The ideal solution must address the intricacies of data management, distinguishing between private and shared documents, files, and folders, while simultaneously providing a high level of security.

Security-Teamwork Equilibrium

Achieving a delicate balance between enhanced security measures and the fluidity of teamwork poses a significant challenge.

Data Classification

The challenge lies in effectively and accurately distinguishing between private and shared documents, files, and folders.

User-Friendly Encryption

Encrypting files in the cloud without user impact is challenging; the solution must leverage Confidential Computing for top-level encryption.

Reporting and Auditing Requirements

Ensuring robust reporting in a confidential environment presents the challenge of maintaining privacy.

The Solution

Key Features

Nextcloud offers a secure and reliable platform for storing, managing, and sharing data, ensuring the gold standard of data sovereignty. Strengthen your collaboration with advanced security features, setting the highest industry standards for data protection.

Enhanced Security with Encrypted Files

Utilize Nextcloud's Confidential Computing for top-tier application security and data privacy within a high-security encrypted environment, seamlessly meeting reporting and auditing requirements without burdening users.

Data Sovereignty and Rights Management

Nextcloud ensures data sovereignty and puts you in control of all data at all times. Advanced rights management distinguishes between private and shared documents, files, and folders, providing a secure environment for collaboration.

Seamless Collaboration Across Devices

Nextcloud enables seamless collaboration with advanced device synchronization, ensuring you work effortlessly with clients and partners, regardless of your location or device.

Ransomware Resilience

Strengthen your resilience against ransomware with Nextcloud. The platform enhances security in teamwork by implementing the highest industry standards for data protection, safeguarding your data from potential threats.


Unlock the Power of Always Encrypted Nextcloud

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Gold Standard Data Sovereignty

Nextcloud ensures the gold standard of data sovereignty, providing users with a secure and reliable platform for storing, managing, and sharing data with customers and partners.

Advanced Rights Management

With Nextcloud, you have advanced rights management, allowing you to distinguish between private and shared documents, files, and folders, putting you in complete control of all data at all times.

Effortless Collaboration Across Devices

Enjoy fast, easy, and secure collaboration with clients and partners, thanks to advanced synchronization across devices embedded in Nextcloud's functionalities.

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You still got some Questions?

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What are the benefits of the Confidential Nextcloud service?

With the Confidential Nextcloud service, you can enjoy all the benefits and features of Nextcloud without the administrative effort or technical expertise. You can back up your data, synchronize it automatically, and organize and transfer photos, videos, and other data in no time. The data transfer is completely encrypted. enclaive operates your Confidential Nextcloud in German data centers in compliance with the highest security standards. We take care of regular maintenance and all necessary system updates. Nevertheless, you are always in control of your Nextcloud and your data. Who you grant access to is entirely up to you.

What is the difference between self-hosted and Confidential Nextcloud?

You’ll notice the first benefit of Confidential Nextcloud as soon as you use it – no programming skills are required. As part of the purchase process, you choose the Nextcloud sizing, set your domain, and create an administration account. You can then get started right away. enclaive will take care of all system updates, network configuration, and infrastracture. You’re only responsible for updating the Nextcloud apps that you’ve selected. Confidential Nextcloud is particularly suitable for companies without a high level of technical expertise who do not want to take care of regular maintenance and carry out all necessary updates themselves.

How do I migrate my data to Confidential Nextcloud?

If your data has been stored with another provider, such as Google, OneDrive, or similar, you can migrate within the time that is convenient for you. You can simply drag and drop the files from the old environment to the enclaive Confidential Nextcloud. If you plan to move large amounts of data we recommend doing this in a two-step approach a) test how and works and see if you see any performance impact on your side b) move the main part of the data in off hours to avoid business impact/interruptions on your side.

How does the Confidential Nextcloud hosting differ from Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and similar providers?

The Confidential Nextcloud service provides 100% runtime encryption ensuring that the legally required security and privacy is built in without having to worry about potential regulatory implications given by the origin of the provider. The enclaive service ensures the application and data are always and build into the technology disconnected from the infrastructure. This ensures that no operator has potential access at any time.

How does Confidential Nextcloud work?

Nextcloud is open source software that is primarily used as cloud storage, but can be flexibly expanded with various features for communication, and productivity. With Nextcloud, you can back up and synchronise your files automatically and, if necessary, include data from other users in the cloud. You can access data and/or business apps in the cloud from any location and from any device – whether on a smartphone, tablet, desktop PC or laptop. It’s also possible to set up individual sharing and access rights that can be configured and customised. In addition to the wide range of possible uses, one major difference compared to other cloud storage – such as Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive – is the protection of your data. With the enclaive Confidential Nextcloud, you keep control over your data and your privacy leveraging the flexibility of the cloud. Confidential Nextcloud from enclaive provides you with GDPR compliant data storage as well as strict European data security and other services. This flexible and secure data storage is suitable for companies, institutions and associations, as well as for self-employed and private individuals.