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We turn public clouds effortlessly into private clouds with confidence, zero trust and confidential computing.

The Vault

Cross Cloud Secret Management

Unlock the future of multi-cloud security with Vault. Seamlessly centralize key control outside the cloud, bolster data protection, and streamline operations across diverse cloud platforms.


Workload Identity Management

Leveraging confidential compute, Nitride ensures only attested workloads can access specific resources and data within a cloud infrastructure


Virtual Machines

Revolutionize your on-premise hosting with cutting-edge confidential Virtual Machines!. You can use confidential VMs for migrations without making changes to your code.


Confidential Kubernetes

Business-ready Kubernetes for tenants who need to scale with the confidence to of keeping application and business confidential. Our clusters provide a strong, hardware-enforced boundary to help meet your security and privacy needs without performance gaps. Focus on building amazing SaaS apps without compromise.


Always Encrypted Nextcloud

A secure and reliable way to store, manage and share data with customers and partners with the gold standard of data sovereignty.


Confidential Application Hosting

Within minutes set up popular apps from our curated offering for users who desire the gold standard of data sovereignty in conjunction with zero trust. Our apps are so secure, even the cloud provider can’t see what is inside.

Managed Databases

Data-in-use Encrypting Databases

Securing Databases with Cutting-Edge 3D Encryption.

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