Confidential Kubernetes

Business-ready Kubernetes for tenants who need to scale with the confidence to of keeping application and business confidential. Our clusters provide a strong, hardware-enforced boundary to help meet your security and privacy needs without performance gaps. Focus on building amazing SaaS apps without compromise and distribute your node pools over multiple cloud environment.

The Challenges without Dyneemes

As organizations embrace containerization, they face challenges in orchestrating and managing large numbers of containers. Manually deploying and scaling containers becomes impractical. 

Container Orchestration

Manually managing containers can be complex and time-consuming. 


As the number of containers grows, scaling applications becomes a challenge.

Resource Isolation

Securing isolated containers with shared resources is crucial.

Networking Complexity

With the proliferation of containers, networking complexity increases.

The Solution

Key Features to Dyneemes

Dyneemes automates the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications, providing a robust orchestration framework while keeping the workload secret at any time and on any cloud.

Enhanced Security

Confidential Kubernetes (k8s) guarantees the confidentiality of workloads and applications through the utilization of hardware-based security features. It leverages secure enclaves to isolate and safeguard code and data, ensuring a heightened level of protection.

Secure and Confidential Workloads

Isolated execution environments in which containers and volumes can be protected from inspection, tampering, and unauthorized access, even by the host system.

Workload Identity and Access Management

Implements security features such as role-based access control (RBAC), network policies, and the ability to run containers in isolated environments based on cryptographically verifiable workload identities.


Unlock the Power of Confidentiality

Experience Unparalleled Security and Confidentiality with enclaive

Automated Scaling

Automatically adjusts the number of containers in a deployment based on resource usage or custom metrics to handle varying workloads.


Automatically replaces or reschedules containers that fail or become unresponsive, ensuring high availability and reliability.

Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Support

Dyneemes  is designed to run across various cloud providers and on-premises data centers, providing flexibility and avoiding vendor lock-in.

Secure your data
with confidence

Discover the power of our secure compute environments and keep your data safe from prying eyes. Sign up or contact us for more information.

You still got some Questions?

Find answers to common questions about our products and services. For further questions, book a call with our experts.

Is Confidential Kubernetes suitable for compliance-sensitive environments?

Yes, Confidential Kubernetes is well-suited for compliance-sensitive environments as it incorporates security features and measures to adhere to industry-specific compliance requirements, ensuring a secure and compliant deployment.

How does Confidential Kubernetes handle auditing and monitoring?

Confidential Kubernetes includes robust auditing and monitoring capabilities, allowing administrators to track and log identity-related events, access patterns, and potential security threats for comprehensive visibility.

Can Confidential Kubernetes be integrated with existing identity and access management systems?

Yes, Confidential Kubernetes is designed to integrate with identity and access management systems, providing a seamless and unified approach to identity management within the Kubernetes environment.

How does Confidential Kubernetes handle updates and rollbacks?

Confidential Kubernetes supports rolling updates, enabling the deployment of new versions without downtime. In case of issues, it allows for seamless rollbacks to previous versions, maintaining operational continuity.

Can Confidential Kubernetes be deployed in multi-cloud environments?

Yes, Confidential Kubernetes is designed to be versatile and can be deployed across various environments, including private, public, hybrid and multi-cloud setups, ensuring consistent security measures regardless of the underlying infrastructure.

What benefits does Confidential Kubernetes offer in terms of access management?

Confidential Kubernetes provides fine-grained access control, allowing administrators to define precise permissions for each workload. The novelty is that workload has a unique identity, which can be remotely verified known as remote attestation.

How does Confidential Kubernetes ensure the confidentiality of workloads?

Confidential Kubernetes employs hardware-based security features, including secure enclaves, to isolate and protect both code and data during processing, at rest and in transit, thereby ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive information.

What sets Confidential Kubernetes apart from traditional Kubernetes?

Confidential Kubernetes places a strong emphasis on security by leveraging confidential virtual machines and hardware-graded security, providing an additional layer of protection for sensitive workloads and applications.

What is Confidential Kubernetes?

Confidential Kubernetes is an advanced deployment of Kubernetes that focuses on running both master and worker nodes in confidential virtual machines, utilizing hardware-based security features for enhanced protection of workloads and data.