Confidential Application Hosting

Within minutes set up popular apps from our curated offering for users who desire the gold standard of data sovereignty in conjunction with zero trust. Our apps are so secure, even the cloud provider can’t see what is inside.

The Challenges without Confidential Application Hosting

Balancing rapid, secure app deployment while maintaining data sovereignty and adhering to a zero-trust framework poses a multifaceted challenge. Achieving a gold standard of security involves surpassing traditional measures, ensuring the cloud provider can't access the hosted application's contents.

Limited Data Sovereignty

Balancing the gold standard of data sovereignty with zero trust presents considerable challenges when deploying popular applications across diverse cloud environments.

Cloud Provider Zero-Visibility

Ensuring secure and confidential application setup, safeguarded even from cloud providers, requires adeptly addressing encryption, access controls, and data protection challenges.

Rapid App Setup and Security

Balancing rapid application setup with robust security measures poses a challenge in achieving speed alongside the gold standard of data sovereignty and zero trust.

Curated App

Curating widely-used applications demands meticulous validation to meet stringent data sovereignty and zero trust criteria, ensuring complete confidentiality in the hosted environment.

The Solution

Essential Features for Confidential App Hosting

Effortlessly deploy our secure applications for users prioritizing top-tier data sovereignty and zero-trust reliability. Our solution ensures cloud providers remain unable to access your confidential content.

Confidential Capabilities, Easy to Scale

Effortlessly scale confidential applications within a secure environment, ensuring quick deployment and adaptability to your business needs.

Easy Setup and Maintenance

Effortlessly set up and manage your applications using our intuitive interface, granting users full control without technical complexities.

Highly Scalable

Dynamically scale your app cluster for business growth with our flexible solution. Resize based on changing needs for optimal performance and resource allocation.

Data Sovereignty

Secure your app with default vault protection through encryption at rest, in transit, and in use, ensuring the gold standard of data sovereignty. Our solution guarantees a secure environment, impervious to cloud providers accessing application content.


Unlock the Power of ConfidentialApplication Hosting

Experience Unparalleled Security and Confidentiality with enclaive

Benefit 1

Confidential Scalability

Experience confidential capabilities with ease of scalability. Quickly and effortlessly deploy applications within a high-security execution environment, ensuring robust protection for sensitive data.

Benefits 2

Seamless Setup and Maintenance

Benefit from easy setup and maintenance as you configure and manage your app within minutes. Utilize a user-friendly interface without technical complexities, streamlining the deployment process.

Benefits 3

Robust Data Governance

Ensure data sovereignty with default vault protection through encryption at rest, in transit, and in use. Your app resides in a secure vault, offering fast, reliable performance with negligible overhead, thanks to hardware encryption.

Secure your data
with confidence

Discover the power of our secure compute environments and keep your data safe from prying eyes. Sign up or contact us for more information.

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What are the key features of Gitlab's Confidential Application Hosting solution?

Gitlab's solution offers confidential capabilities that are easy to scale, providing a high-security execution environment for apps. It enables easy setup and maintenance through a user-friendly interface, ensuring optimal performance and resource allocation by allowing dynamic scaling of the app cluster based on changing requirements. Additionally, it ensures data sovereignty with default vault protection achieved through encryption at rest, in transit, and while in use.

How does Gitlab ensure rapid and secure app deployment?

Gitlab's curated offering focuses on swift and secure app deployment, demanding a delicate balance between speed and integrity, allowing users to set up and manage applications within minutes.

How does Gitlab go beyond traditional security standards in hosting apps?

Gitlab implements robust security measures to prevent unauthorized access, ensuring that even the cloud provider cannot access the contents of hosted applications, providing an added layer of protection.

What is the significance of data sovereignty and zero trust in Gitlab's solution?

Gitlab's solution addresses the challenge of balancing data sovereignty with zero trust, providing a secure environment for hosting applications and ensuring rapid setup while maintaining data control.

How does Gitlab address the challenge of balancing rapid app deployment with data sovereignty and zero trust?

Gitlab's solution achieves a delicate equilibrium between speed, security, and data control, going beyond traditional measures to ensure that even the cloud provider cannot access the hosted application's contents.

What sets Gitlab's Confidential Application Hosting apart from others?

Gitlab's Confidential Application Hosting offers a gold standard of data sovereignty and zero trust, allowing users to set up popular apps within minutes with a level of security that even the cloud provider cannot breach.