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Workload Identity Management

Leveraging confidential compute, Nitride ensures only attested workloads can access specific resources and data within a cloud infrastructure

Secure Cloud Processing

The Challenges without Nitride

The ongoing challenge, despite implementing security measures like data-at-rest encryption and BYOK, is the inadvertent exposure of data to service providers by managed databases. The fundamental issue persists: sensitive information remains at risk, posing a constant threat to organizations relying on cloud services.


Organizations must adhere to data residency requirements, ensuring data stays within specific geographical boundaries. Relying on the cloud provider may not meet regulatory demands.

Loss of

Organizations have limited visibility into how their data is processed and who accesses it within the cloud environment. This lack of transparency can make it difficult to detect and respond to security incidents.

Workload Governance

Organizations relying solely on the cloud provider's measures may find it challenging to effectively enforce their data governance policies, retention schedules, and compliance requirements.


Data processing relies on the cloud provider's access controls, creating vulnerability to risks if breaches occur in their infrastructure, potentially leading to unauthorized access.

The Solution

Key Features to Confidential Cloud

Nitride plays a pivotal role in distinguishing between a confidential and non-confidential infrastructure by implementing advanced security measures and sophisticated protocols, ensuring that data, processes, and services are safeguarded with heightened levels of protection and access control mechanisms, thereby fortifying the overall integrity and confidentiality of the system.

Workload Identification

Identify workloads in your perimeters. Leveraging confidential compute, workloads have a unique identity. Facilitate the automatic assignment and rotation of identities for workloads and provide a consistent identity management approach in multi-cloud environments.

Workload Access Control

Implement strong access control and access management policies to ensure that only authorized users and most notably attested workloads can access data, processes and services.

Supply Chain Immutability

Protocol the hardware and software supply chain, including firmware, program code, repositories, and packages. Validate supply chains and implement automated mechanisms for monitoring the trustworthiness of workloads.

Confidential Environments

Run workload in confidential environments in the private, hybrid or multi-cloud. Verify the confidentiality and enforce fine-grained privileges for organizations, groups, users and other confidential and non-confidential services to access the workload.


Unlock the Power of Confidentiality

Experience Unparalleled Security and Confidentiality with enclaive

Secure Cloud Migration

By harnessing the power of confidential computing, transition your IT infrastructure into the cloud environment securely. Only authorized workloads, applications, and services have access to specific resources, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access, data breaches, and insider threats.

Secure Cloud Migration - Enclaive
Cybersecurity Audit and Reporting with Enclaive

Audit and Reporting

Specific regulations regarding data processing and storage, such as GDPR, HIPAA, NIS2 can be complex. Decrease the complexities for reporting and auditing, with workload identification in conjunction with hardware-graded boot measurement.

Automated Access Management

Automation of access control processes streamlines resource provisioning and de-provisioning. It ensures that workloads have the appropriate permissions and that access rights are updated dynamically in response to changing needs.

Automated Access Management with Enclaive

How does Nitride work? Sneak peek

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How does Nitride work?
Workload Identity Management

Manage and secure identities used by workloads, applications, and services in the cloud.

How does Nitride work?
Fine-grained Access Control Management

Grant the minimum set of permissions necessary for a workload and users to perform tasks, following the principle of least privilege.

How does Nitride work?

Ensure that the cloud infrastructure and services meet the necessary security and regulatory standards.

How does Nitride work?
Immutable Databases

Integrate with database systems that once data is written, it cannot be changed or deleted.

Secure your data
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You still got some Questions?

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Can you explain the significance of Workload Identification in Nitride?

Workload Identification in Nitride involves leveraging confidential compute to assign unique identities to workloads, facilitating automatic identity assignment and rotation in multi-cloud environments.

What vulnerabilities related to cloud service providers does Nitride acknowledge?

Nitride recognizes the persistence of vulnerabilities in cloud service provider infrastructure, particularly emphasizing the risks associated with cloud IAM services.

How does Nitride support workload governance?

Nitride empowers organizations to enforce their data governance policies and compliance requirements, preventing non-compliance issues and ensuring adherence to industry regulations.

What visibility does Nitride provide into cloud data processing?

Nitride offers improved visibility into how data is processed within the cloud, overcoming the challenge of limited transparency to detect and respond to security incidents effectively.

How does Nitride contribute to data residency compliance?

Nitride helps organizations meet data residency requirements by implementing secure measures, guaranteeing that data stays within predefined geographical boundaries.

What is Nitride, and how does it enhance cloud security?

Nitride is a sophisticated solution designed to bolster cloud security. It ensures confidentiality by leveraging advanced security measures and protocols, allowing only attested workloads access to specific resources within a cloud infrastructure.