Virtual Machines

Revolutionize your on-premise hosting with cutting-edge confidential Virtual Machines! You can use confidential VMs for migrations without making changes to your code.

The Challenges without Buckypaper

Where upfront costs meet limited scalability, and the challenge is not just in the hardware but the hurdles of resource underutilization, complex maintenance, and the struggle to keep pace with the dynamic needs of today's businesses.

High Capital Expenditure

Establishing and maintaining on-premise infrastructure requires a significant
upfront investment in hardware, networking equipment, and data center facilities.

Resource Underutilization

On-premise infrastructure often leads to resource underutilization, as organizations must provision for peak demand, resulting in idle resources during periods of lower demand.


Scaling up or down can be time-consuming and expensive in an on-premise environment. Organizations may need to purchase additional hardware, leading to delays in responding to changing workloads.

Complexity in Maintenance

Managing and maintaining
on-premise hardware,
software, and networking components can be complex and resource-intensive, requiring dedicated IT staff
and expertise.

The Solution

Key Features to CVMs Security

Confidential Virtual Machines (CVMs) are a type of virtualization technology designed for enhanced security. They use hardware-based technologies to create isolated environments, ensuring that sensitive data and processes are protected from unauthorized access within a virtualized infrastructure.

Hardware-graded Security

Ensure the confidentiality of workloads and applications by utilizing hardware-based security features, leveraging secure enclaves, to isolate and protect code and data.

Workload Isolation

Create a protected execution environment for critical applications, ensuring that even if the underlying infrastructure is compromised, the sensitive workloads remain secure within the isolated enclave.

Certified EU datacenters

Choose among a various datacenters in Europe meeting different compliance and industry standards, ranging from ISO27001, BSI Grundschutz, to C5.

Optimized Performance

Offer the remarkable advantage of a mere 3% CPU cycle overhead. This optimized performance ensures that the encryption and protection mechanisms in place for sensitive workloads have minimal impact on overall computational efficiency, allowing organizations to maintain high-performance standards while achieving robust security for their critical applications.


Unlock the Power of Confidentiality

Experience Unparalleled Security and Confidentiality with enclaive

Secure Deployment in the Cloud

Confidential VMs are particularly valuable in cloud environments, where organizations may need to process sensitive data. These VMs provide an added layer of security for workloads deployed in shared, virtualized environments.

Secure Multi-Tenancy

Confidential VMs enhance security in multi-tenant environments by providing isolated and encrypted spaces for each workload, preventing potential leakage of sensitive information between co-located virtual machines.

Compliance with Data Regulations

For organizations dealing with sensitive data subject to regulatory requirements, confidential VMs help meet compliance standards by offering advanced encryption and security measures, reducing the risk of data breaches.

Secure your data
with confidence

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You still got some Questions?

Find answers to common questions about our products and services.

Can confidential VMs be seamlessly integrated into existing virtualized environments?

Yes, confidential VMs are designed to integrate seamlessly into existing virtualized environments. They can be deployed alongside non-confidential VMs, allowing organizations to selectively apply enhanced security measures to specific workloads.

How do confidential VMs protect against intellectual property theft?

Confidential VMs create a protected execution environment, preventing unauthorized access to code and data. This protection against intellectual property theft is especially valuable for organizations developing proprietary software or running proprietary algorithms.

What types of applications benefit from the confidential execution environments in confidential VMs?

Applications dealing with sensitive information, such as those in financial services, healthcare, and cryptographic operations, benefit significantly from the confidential execution environments provided by confidential VMs. This ensures the integrity and confidentiality of critical operations.

Can confidential VMs be deployed in cloud environments?

Yes, confidential VMs are well-suited for deployment in cloud environments. They provide an added layer of security for workloads in shared, virtualized spaces, making them a valuable solution for organizations leveraging cloud services.

Are confidential VMs compliant with data regulations?

Yes, confidential VMs are designed to meet data compliance standards. Their advanced encryption and security measures contribute to safeguarding sensitive data, making them suitable for industries with stringent regulatory requirements.

How do confidential VMs ensure data confidentiality in transit?

Confidential VMs often implement end-to-end encryption, ensuring that data remains encrypted not only during storage and processing but also during transit. This comprehensive approach to data security safeguards sensitive information throughout its lifecycle.

In which scenarios are confidential VMs beneficial?

Confidential VMs are particularly beneficial in scenarios where organizations need to process or store sensitive data. They are also valuable in multi-tenant private, public and hybrid cloud environments where secure isolation of workloads is crucial.

What is the CPU cycle overhead for confidential VMs?

Confidential VMs are designed with optimized performance in mind, incurring only a minimal 3% CPU cycle overhead. This means that the encryption and protection mechanisms implemented for sensitive workloads have a negligible impact on overall computational efficiency.

How do confidential VMs enhance security?

Confidential VMs enhance security by creating confidential execution environments (CEEs) where sensitive workloads can operate securely. These VMs typically employ advanced encryption, protection against insider threats, and secure multi-tenancy features to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of data and applications.

What are confidential virtual machines (VMs)?

Confidential VMs are a specialized type of virtual machine designed to provide enhanced security measures for sensitive workloads. They utilize hardware-based security features, leveraging confidential compute, to isolate and protect data and code within the virtualized environment.