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5 Reasons Why a Confidential Cloud Trumps the Public Cloud

Sebastian Gajek
September 17, 2023
5 Reasons Why a Confidential Cloud Trumps the Public Cloud

1.Reduced Security Posture

Security has always been a paramount concern for businesses operating in the digital age. Public clouds, while offering many benefits, often raise security questions due to shared infrastructure and potential vulnerabilities in a multi-tenant environment. Confidential clouds, on the other hand, employ advanced encryption and isolation techniques, ensuring that sensitive data remains impervious to unauthorized access. By reducing the attack surface and implementing strict access controls, confidential clouds provide a heightened security posture that’s crucial for industries dealing with sensitive information such as healthcare and finance.

2. Gradual Horizontal Isolation

One of the standout features of a confidential cloud is the gradual horizontal isolation it offers. In a public cloud, virtual machines run on the same physical servers, leaving room for potential breaches if one machine is compromised. Confidential clouds take a different approach, gradually isolating individual workloads from each other. This unique method not only bolsters security but also enhances performance, as resources are better distributed across isolated instances. This means that even if one workload is breached, the damage remains contained, minimizing the impact on the entire infrastructure.

3. Vertical Isolation

Vertical isolation is another layer of security that confidential clouds excel in. In a public cloud, a compromised administrator account could potentially access all the data within the cloud environment. However, confidential clouds implement strict role-based access controls and encryption, ensuring that even privileged users have limited access to sensitive data. This granular control mitigates insider threats and ensures that critical information is accessible only to authorized personnel.

4. Compliance Auditability

Industries such as healthcare, finance, and government are bound by stringent regulatory requirements that demand meticulous data handling and storage. Confidential clouds shine in this regard by providing enhanced compliance auditability. With comprehensive logging, monitoring, and reporting mechanisms in place, businesses can demonstrate compliance with regulations like HIPAA, GDPR, and more. This feature not only saves time during audits but also provides peace of mind knowing that all regulatory boxes are consistently checked.

5. Performance and Scalability

Confidential clouds strike a balance between security and performance. While public clouds might experience performance variations due to the shared nature of resources, confidential clouds offer dedicated resources that ensure consistent and reliable performance. Moreover, these clouds can be seamlessly scaled to accommodate growing workloads, ensuring that businesses can expand without compromising on security or performance.


The confidential cloud is no longer just an alternative; it’s a necessity for businesses that prioritize security and privacy. By offering reduced security risks, gradual horizontal and vertical isolation, compliance auditability, and enhanced performance, confidential clouds pave the way for a future where technology can be both advanced and secure.

About enclaive — Your Confidential Cloud Partner

And sure enough, we at enclaive recognize the immense weight that security and privacy hold in today’s digital landscape. Our confidential cloud solutions are meticulously crafted to provide the highest levels of protection for your sensitive data. With cutting-edge encryption, gradual isolation, and robust compliance features, we offer a cloud environment where your data remains secure and your operations remain uninterrupted.

To sum it up, as today data breaches and security lapses make headlines all too often, it’s imperative to invest in a cloud solution that puts security first. If you’re looking for a cloud partner that values your data’s confidentiality as much as you do, get in touch with us at enclaive. Let us help you transition to a confidential cloud environment that offers unbeatable security, performance, and peace of mind.

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