Are you hesitating to move to the cloud?

Sebastian Gajek
Are you hesitating to move to the cloud?

Companies preparing to digitally transform their organization, incorporate more flexibility into their work and improve overall collaboration and efficiency, start by switching from on-premise hardware to the cloud. Therefore, a trustworthy cloud service provider with high-end cloud security in place is crucial to any company thinking of switching to the cloud. Cloud security is a critical component for decision-makers since more and more organizations are using or moving to cloud computing services. This is also reflected in Gartner’s recent prediction that the worldwide market for public cloud services will grow 23.1% in 2021.

Companies may be concerned about moving sensitive data and applications to the cloud due to security and compliance issues when their content is stored in the cloud. Only with data privacy and application security ensured, will organizations start their digital transformation and move to the cloud.

These risks and concerns with respect to data privacy and security are now met with confidential computing technology.

Cloud security with Confidential Computing

It works by putting data in use in a trusted execution environment, called enclave.

Embedded encryption keys within the CPU fully secure the enclave and are only accessible to the CPU itself. If malware or other unauthorized code tries to access these encryption keys the CPU denies access and cancels the computation. In this way, sensitive data ‑remain protected within these enclaves.

Implication: Companies can now run sensitive applications and data on public clouds or other hosted environments (untrusted or not). This gives organizations greater control and flexibility over the security and privacy of applications and data while stored in the cloud.

Let’s talk about the benefits

The benefits of Confidential Computing are, therefore extremely diverse and far-reaching:

  • This technology enables end-to-end data security, protecting sensitive data in use.

Using such secure enclaves, companies can move towards a more flexible and advanced public cloud platform. The embedded encryption keys within the CPU ensure full data security, making sure no unauthorized code access the data.

  • It enables collaboration with partners on cloud solutions securely and with a lot more flexibility.

Companies can now combine their data, sharing and working with sensitive data across on-premise borders. This technology enables secure collaboration with other external partners.

  • It secures intellectual property across industries

With confidential computing technology, further applications come to mind, such as the protection of proprietary business data, design models, analytics functions, AI algorithms, or entire applications. Intellectual property remains protected even when used with external entities.

  • It enables companies to start their digital transformation

With confidential computing, companies can choose to move to the cloud with their business operations, without worrying about storing and processing customer data, property, or other sensitive data. They remain in complete control over the data and can seamlessly migrate to the cloud.


With confidential computing, organizations have now strong security and privacy assurances in the cloud. The technology provides strong technical protection against any attacks from the outside. It also prevents potential insider attacks from the cloud provider or 3rd party IT software providers themselves.

Enclaive helps companies unlock the benefits of Confidential Computing. Organizations can now share and process data in our encrypted container while creating a confidential cloud infrastructure with confidence.

Start your unique experience with confidential computing technology today.

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