General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


A comprehensive data privacy and security law in the European Union designed to protect individuals' personal data and regulate its processing by organizations.

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The Challenge: Security of Processing
The Challenge

The Challenge: Security of Processing

Controller and the processor shall implement appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure a level of security appropriate to the risk, including inter alia as appropriate: Art. 32a “Pseudonymisation and encryption of personal data” Implementing robust pseudonymization and encryption processes can be complex, particularly for organizations dealing with vast amounts of diverse and interconnected data. Specifically, techniques like differential privacy, k-anonymity or data synthetisation introduce significant technical and organisatorial complexities while drastically decreasing the ability to infer accurate insights from the processing.

The Solution

enclaive Solution

Enclose data and processing within Buckypaper and Dyneemes blind boxes; as long as the data remains within this secured environment, it is deemed pseudonymized based on common understanding.

enclaive Solution

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Benefit of using enclaive

Confidentiality be design

enclaive’s blindboxes require no alteration to code and data processing, ensuring enhanced data security and privacy without disrupting existing systems or workflows.

Confidentiality be design
Benefit of using enclaive

Auditing and Reporting

Cryptographic certificates, similar to PKCS#12, assess the effectiveness of data confidentiality, programmatically simplify the documentation of technical measures, establish thorough and consistent audit trails, and decrease the dependence on personals and consultants.

Auditing and Reporting
Benefit of using enclaive

Technical Measures

Relying solely on organizational measures without adequate technical safeguards leaves organizations vulnerable to human error, inconsistency in enforcement, and increased susceptibility to security breaches, as it lacks the robust and automated protection that technical measures provide.

Technical Measures

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enclaive offers Europe's most fortified cloud ecosystem, providing unmatched security and confidentiality for your applications and data.

Pioneering Data Control

At the forefront, GDPR revolutionizes data protection within the EU, offering individuals unprecedented control over their personal data and compelling organizations to adopt transparent and lawful processing measures.

Global Impact

GDPR's global influence is undeniable, as companies across the world are compelled to adhere to its stringent standards when handling the data of EU residents, setting a benchmark for international data protection.

Inspiration for Global Standards

Numerous regulations, including CCPA, PIPEDA, PDPA, Data Protection Act 2018, APPs, LGPD, and the PDPA Bill, draw inspiration or align with GDPR, reflecting its influence on shaping comprehensive data protection standards globally.

Expanding Global Data Protection

As a beacon for global data protection, GDPR inspires ongoing legislative efforts, such as India's Personal Data Protection Bill, signaling a commitment to evolving and comprehensive data protection standards across various jurisdictions.

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Our experience with has been exceptional. Their cutting-edge solutions and proactive approach to cybersecurity have significantly bolstered our defenses. enclaive did deliver the tool to ensure our databases could migrate to confidcential in hours.

Dr. Schwabe

Digital Strategy & IIoT

LH Industrie Services

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